Saturday, June 02, 2007

Times of India Initiative and Rayani the pioneer

Mumbai Infrastructure
Times of India has probably kicked of this initiative, but i feel it should be more practical.. We all know where the shoe pinches, can we talk now on our next step of actions? It is for the media houses like the Bennett Coleman group to bring the reality to the notice of the common man. The slution isn't so far fetched as is being made out to be ! This is what is needed. the suggestions and action plans are excellent. The autorities who are supposedd to act either on their own or on public and experts' suggestions must be made to act.They never act unless they are forced to act by force of Law.The media can highlight and monitor the problems and the projects to solve them.They have got their elaborate reporting network in place.they have to revolutionise their working style and philosophy.Their duty is not to report at random about arbitrarily chosen projects.They should systematically monitor the infrastructure projects by mandating the reporters.If the monthly progress is notv according to promises and plans,it should be highlighted in the Mumbai Mission.Regularly,consistently.And it alerts the Legally Active Groups like Janhit Manch to prepare cases and file PLIs.When every rogue politician-minister and bureaucrat has a Damocle's sword of Jail sentence hanging over him he will definitely act on every suggestion to save his head.This is the way to make our problems the politician-bureaucrat's problems.They will have to solve it or runaway from public life.It is our mistake to have made the public life so Cozy,irresponsible and enjoyable of the highest order,without an iota of accountability.Where is the ways and means for every common man to ensure accountability?The press and other media have the set-up and the network It is very easy for them.ToI has taken the lead.Only they have to definitely become tough and systematic.The randomness and the half-heartedness coupled with their undeclared philosophy of passive dignity have to be dumped in the ill-maintained BMC gutters as out-of-date and weak-kneed and inappropriate.That will bring the required results at the required pace. Posted by Rayani Friends. @ 5/22/2006 6:02 PM

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