Sunday, July 02, 2006

Who Is Rayani & what he does

If some one is doing what you always want to do,to the society,to the Government to make it work,but felt the task to be too formidable,would you not like to know who he is and what and how he is doing..
well,meet this someone who has dedicated his life to bring some sense to the madness called Indian governance..

About Me

I am exploring Human Dynamics,my belief is that everything is upto us,whatever the world does to us,whether it offers bouquets,or throws brickbats,we can continue to be happy.Everyone lives in his or her own world and when we interact with them,we visit their worlds with the usual effects of visiting newlands,familiarity,unfamiliarity, strangeness,surprises and sometimes shocks,a world so different yet making perfect sense.As a visitor to their world,you only enjoy the visit and be happy.